The Boylston Blitz

Saturday, March 31, 2018
Event Format
4 Rated Double Swiss; First round will use accelerated pairings
Time Control
G3/2 inc.
One section: Open
Entry Fee
$20, $15 for BCF members; $5 more if not registering online in advance
$200 based on 20 paid entries: 1st $100, 2nd $50; Top U1800 $50
7:15pm to 7:45pm.
Round Times
8:00pm - 1st round, rest ASAP
A great night of entertainment and a chance to win $$$ for a low entry fee? Wow. Come show us your blitz skills. Spectators welcome but no kibitzing or noises.
Please register online to make it easier for us. Online registration ends at 7:30.
Event Dates
Saturday, March 31

Registration is now closed, please register at the tournament.
Entry List