Tournament Policies

The Boylston Chess Club prides itself on being a fun and friendly place to play and learn. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask the Tournament Director.

All Boylston Chess Club Tournaments

Wheelchair accessible, no smoking, no computers

USCF membership required for all tournaments except blitz tournaments

Please bring chess clocks – Boards, sets, some clocks provided

Directions to the site


A maximum of two half point (½) byes are allowed in a four round Swiss tournament, one half point bye in a three round Swiss tournament. In tournaments of six or more rounds, three half point byes are allowed.

If the bye is for the last round, it must be declared before the start of round two.

Half point byes may not be requested after a player receives a full point bye.

Zero point byes are allowed in all Swiss tournaments for any round. Please inform the Tournament Director at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the round.


Players must inform the Tournament Director if they intent to withdraw from the tournament. Players may let the TD know ahead of time in person, by calling at least half an hour before the round (617-714-3022), or by emailing the club at least half an hour before the round (


Re-Entry is not allowed in BCF tournaments.


Withdrawing is not allowed from Round Robin quads, forfeit penalties may apply.


Any player who forfeits a game by not showing up, or by withdrawing without letting the Tournament Director know in advance will be fined $25. This player will not be allowed to play in any further BCF events until the fine is paid.

Free Entry Coupons

Free entry coupons may not be used in Quads, Octads, or any fundraising events unless otherwise stipulated for the specific event.

Section Limits

Unrated players may play in any section. Rated players rated within 200 points of the lower section maximum may play up one section.

For eligibility purposes, the higher of a player's supplement and live rating is used.

Free Entry for GM's/IM's (and sometimes masters)

Any player holding the title of either Grandmaster or International Master may play in any BCF tournament with no entry fee, and no entry fee will be withheld from any prize he or she wins.

Any club member rated 2300+ may play in any Saturday BCF tournament with no entry fee, but the entry fee will be deducted from any prize he or she wins.

Any club member rated 2200+ may play in the Thursday Night Swiss with no entry fee and no prize deductions.