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DateThursdays, May 13 - June 17
Event Format6SS, 1 lichess game per Thursday night set up by individual challenge
Time ControlOpen: G/60 + 10 sec, U1900: G/45 + 5 sec
SectionsOpen & U1900 (Unrated); accelerated pairings may be used
Entry Fee$40, $25 for BCF members
Prizes$$300 guaranteed: Open $150-$100-$50, U1900 1st Place Trophy
RegistrationDeadline to be paired in a Round: 6:00 PM on Thursday
Round Times6:30 PM (two players and the TD may agree to change the time)
DescriptionContact info: TD Nick Sterling. E-mail: boylstonchess@gmail.com. Text/cell: 781-733-0849.

If I do not have your e-mail and cell phone # already, please send those to me in case we have to contact each other.

If I do not have your lichess Username, please send that to me or include it in the comments in your Registration.

For Round 1, Pairings will be posted on Thursday just after 6 PM on the Boylston CC website. The cutoff time for registration in time to play a Round is Thursday at 6 PM. Any players who register subsequent to 6 PM will be skipped until the following week's Round. Each Round begins at 6:30 PM except for games whose start times were agreed in advance to be changed.

Rating with USCF will be delayed by 72 hours after the completion of the tournament to give lichess time to ensure Fair Play was observed in all games.

Players must join Zoom and Share their Screens or show their play areas in their camera views. The link will be sent to players by e-mail. Players with scores of at least +2, or in contention for a prize may, at the TD's discretion, be required to provide at least two separate camera views on Zoom.

Players must be current Members of USCF for the OPEN SECTION ONLY, not the U1900.
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DateSunday, May 16, 2021
Event Format3SS
Time ControlG/45 d30
SectionsOne section, accelerated pairings may be used
Entry Fee$40, $25 for BCF members
PrizesNone; all proceeds will support the club
RegistrationOnline only - ends 9:30am May 16
Round Times10:00am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm
DescriptionOver the board (OTB) event!

Limited to 8 players born in 2000 or earlier, or college students.
No spectators or accompanying persons permitted in tournament and skittles rooms.

Must register and pay online in advance by 9:30 am on May 16, and must agree to COVID safety requirements. COVID safety requirements include complying with MA travel restrictions, wearing a mask indoors at all times, and maintaining a distance of 6 feet from other players and directors to the maximum extent possible. Players should bring own coffee, as none will be available onsite.
Players will play on own designated boards, with opponents sitting offset from each other.

Free parking on Sundays!
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DateTuesday, May 18, 2021
Event Format6SS, double round swiss (unrated)
Time ControlG/5 d0
SectionsOne section
Entry Fee$10
Prizes$$150 guaranteed: $100 1st, $50 2nd; Gift cards for U2000, U1700/unr
Round Times7:00pm, rest ASAP
DescriptionA fun night of blitz, chess, and beer at
Tavern of Tales
1478 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02120
Next to the Roxbury Crossing Orange Line stop.

Tournament games will start at 7pm, but sets will be available for casual games all night!

Weather permitting, spacious outdoor seating available for games.
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DateSaturday, May 22, 2021
Event Format6SS
Time ControlG/30 + 5 sec
SectionsHigh School, 14 & Under, 11 & Under
Entry Fee$10
PrizesFirst place qualifies for OTB finals
RegistrationRegister before 9:00am on May 22
Round Times10:00am, 11:15am, 1:00pm, 2:15pm, 3:30pm, 4:45pm
DescriptionProvide lichess handle in comments field when registering.

Online tournament on lichess.org.
Must register here and also join lichess team.

Overall winner of each section qualifies for the Spiegel Cup Finals in early July.
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