Understanding the Openings

Fridays, Sept. 18 - Oct. 23
Entry Fee
$100 for 6 weeks, $20 for 1 week
Round Times
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Feel like you know the Opening Principles but rarely develop a plan in the Middlegame? When your opponent deviates from the Main Line, do you break into a cold sweat? Do you spend hours on tactics puzzles only to find that the quiet moves are killing you?

This is the class for you! NM Andrew Hoy and Class-A club player John Hardin are offering a brand-new, six week course on Understanding the Openings.

Each week, we will take an intensive look at one particular opening, focusing on

Typical Pawn Structures
Major Plans
Routine Tactics & Traps
Famous Games

After an hour of lecture, all students in the class will be invited to a private thematic tournament hosted on LiChess dedicated to exploring that week’s opening in a series of contests. John and Andrew will participate and add commentary to the tournament games, so every student gets a chance to gain both individual feedback and experience from their play.

The official class will run for two hours, but students are welcome to continue playing and exploring the opening together as long as they wish.

Classes are scheduled for Friday evenings, 7-9pm EDT. The current schedule is as follows:

Friday, September 18th -- Queen’s Gambit Declined

Friday, September 25th -- Caro Kann, Slav, Scandinavian

Friday, October 2nd -- King’s Indian Defense

Friday, October 9th -- Ruy Lopez

Friday, October 16th -- French Defense

Friday, October 23rd -- Sicilian Defense

Registration will be capped at 16 students per class.

Registration is now closed, please register at the tournament.
Entry List

Need to withdraw or take a bye? Email td@boylstonchess.org at least 30 minutes before the round.

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