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Friday Night Blitz

Friday, October 15, 2021
Event Format
6SS, double round swiss
Time Control
G/5 d0
One section
Entry Fee
$15, $20 for non-BCF members
$$400 guaranteed: $250, $100, U2000 $50
Round Times
Round 1 at 7:45pm, rest ASAP
After the 5th round, the top two players (and any additional players tied in the standings) will play a playoff match for the 1st and 2nd place prizes (these prizes will not be split between tied players).

Other players will play their 6th round.

With two players, a 4 game blitz match will be played, followed by an Armageddon game if needed.
If two players are tied for 2nd place, they will play a 2 game blitz match, followed by Armageddon as needed to determine the second player in the final match.
Playoff formats with more than two tied players will be determined by the TD.

Registration is now closed, please register at the tournament.
Entry List