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Friday, November 11, 2022




Description: Welcome to the Side Show! Here's how this works: Entry into this event is optional, but registration in the Circus and Spectacle is required to enter this event. Those who enter the Side Show will join the pool of players who are eligible to win one of five available prizes. They are: 1. Largest upset. The winner of the game with the largest rating difference between opponents wins the prize. 2. Most number of decisive games. Whoever has the most decisive games (including both wins and losses) wins the prize. If there is more than one person who qualifies, the prize goes to the person with the most wins. If there is still a tie, the winners share the prize equally. 3. Fastest decisive game. Here, "fastest" means the shortest time played. Prize goes to the winner. 4. Shortest decisive game. Here, "shortest" means fewest number of moves. Prize goes to the winner. 5. Longest decisive game. Here, "longest" means most number of moves. Prize goes to the winner. Each prize is 20% of the prize fund. A single player may win more than one prize. For example, if 30 people join the Side Show, then the prize fund is 30 x $15 = $450. That means each individual prize is $450/5 = $90. If more than one person qualifies for a prize, the prize will be divided equally among all those who qualify. (Note: this event is not eligible for free entries.)

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